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FEBRUARY 26-27, 2025


The Healthy Church Conference exists to help pastors and leaders implement healthy practices in their church through biblical principles.

There aren’t many church leaders or members who wouldn’t want to see their church grow. It’s a natural and healthy desire. It’s an appropriate response to the Great Commission. The question we often ask is, how do we pursue that growth?

When church leaders and members focus on health, growth is a natural byproduct. That is what the Healthy Church Conference is all about.

Here is what you can expect at the conference:

·       Engaging general sessions on healthy church principles.

·       Essential breakout sessions where healthy church principles are applied to specific ministries.

·       A powerful night of worship.

·       Lots of opportunities to make connections and build relationships.

·       Digital access to Palm Valley Church’s resources (teaching series, kids curriculum, volunteer training and documentation, etc.).

This conference is not about starting something new. It’s about restoring what’s already there.